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Once upon a time, life was simple. You got married in the town you were raised. He went to work. She stayed home with the kids. You lived “happily” ever after and, even if you hated it, you just got on with it.

There were no Instagram stories. No Tinder. No option to move to South America. You knew who you were and what you wanted to be when you grew up.

But, times have changed. We have everything we need and much, much more; and yet…the whole world seems to be losing its mind.

For many, the abundance of choice, change and uncertainty can have an overwhelming effect on our mental health - impacting our work and lives, pulling our attention and emotions away from what’s most important.

How to Lose Your Mind in the 21st Century is a series of workshops and coaching programmes, aiming to help people filter through the noise of modern life and focus on the things that really matter; while also exploring the role our minds can play in making planet earth great again.